What’s Incoming for this Blog

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I guess it’s time I talk a little about where this blog is going. This is both for you and for me – for you to know what I intend and for me to, perhaps, get some feedback on that direction.

This one shouldn’t be incredibly long, but I’ll talk a little about what this blog has been doing, what I’m going to do with it, and how you can influence that if you have such a mind.


Free Games

*Under Construction*

Will get full lists of individual games here eventually, as opposed to just bulk sources.

This page holds a list of games you can get completely for free. Check back every month as this page will be updated with new games as they become available.

Prime Gaming (Twitch): Just link your (or a family member, or friend who doesn’t use twitch) Amazon Prime to your twitch (which may be kind of automated now that it’s “prime gaming”) and get 5-10+ games free per month. Usually little indie titles, free is still cool.

Epic Games: All I had to do here is make an account. No credit card, no cost, didn’t even download anything yet. Check back periodically for new free games. Occasionally, they get some AAA titles too.

Free to Play Games on Steam – This isn’t special monthly or weekly deals, but are mostly games that are always F2P. Seemed a mention worth including, though.

Now some games that aren’t quit free, but are either noteworthy deals or are included with some other service.

PS+: If you have Playstation Plus, you probably already know about this, but, eventually, I’ll list the games here for people who aren’t yet in the know.

Xbox Live: Typically there’s 2 free Xbox One games and 2 free Xbox 360 games, one of each of those tends to be a big(ish) name and the other an indie game. Still, given it’s basically $5 per month if you’re getting yearly access, it’s a sweet way to build up your library.

Humbe Bundle: This one is the least free, for sure. However, they rotate a dozen games each month and depending on tier, you can pick either 3 or 9 of them to keep. They’ll give you steam links for each. The basic package is $15 per month and the big one is $20. While it is subscription, you can cancel whenever and, unless you’re just trying to horde all of the games, pick up the months with something you’re wanting and get a couple extra for “free”.

24 Hour Live Streams

twitch-320x200- Two of my very good friends, Sixin and Codix, will be doing 24 hour live streams this Friday the 29th of June starting at 10PM PST. You can watch them at the following links (or continue after the break to watch them both right here):



While World of Warcraft is likely to be the primary focus of their streams, I expect that you might see Diablo 3, Smite, Wildstar, League of Legends and a variety of others to cover the time span. (more…)

Wildstar Launches Soon!

Less than an hour until Wildstar launch so I wanted to share some quick things to follow.

  1. If you don’t already have the game… get it here.
  2. If you aren’t going to get the game or want to find some others who are… watch some streams. See below for some streams.



Yes… the top one is me. Obviously I’ll pimp myself on my own blog. Don’t judge me.

WoW Celebrities

I’ve decided something… I really don’t like the word “celebrities”. Not conceptually, mind you, but the actual letter structure of the word – it’s just weird. Anyway, I wanted to talk a little about the celebs of the WoW community. Individual servers often have their famous or infamous types. The servers I’ve been on have the people that are known because of their progression, the high-end raiders, but that’s usually the guild tag. Those who are really known are the trolls. We had player who went by Skillasaurus(spelling may be off). He always talked in all caps like he was a barbarian and said ridiculous statements, such as, “SKILLASAURUS NO AFRAD OF STOOPID GM. SKILLASAURUS ONE SHOT GM.” It was actually somewhat entertaining how he never broke character or said anything that was actually inappropriate, but still got trade chat in a fuss everytime with people legitimately trying to argue with him. He even got people to create similar named copycat characters to bathe in the spotlight. There are those, however, that exceed local server fame and are followed by thousands if not millions. Who? How? Why? (more…)


Cover picFor those who aren’t in the loop, there are a number of WoW players (and other games, for that matter) who stream their play online. Similar to making an epic PVP video or content guide, except it’s live, unscripted and could end up awesome or making you look like a total noob. I’ve decided that I may as well join the fray and see if any people are bored enough to check out my streams and posted videos on TwitchTV.

You can find my live stream at http://www.twitch.tv/sharden0 if I’m on and past streams at http://www.twitch.tv/alternateimage/profile/pastBroadcasts. So far I’m still working on getting everything together, so if the audio or video quality isn’t quite up to par yet – don’t give up hope, you may still get to see my badness (or awesomeness) soon enough. I’ll be streaming WoW PVP, maybe raids and random shenanigans. Also, Battlefield 4, League of Legends, and probably some other things.

Oh and speaking of streams, a good friend of mine also has a new channel. Check out for http://www.twitch.tv/vinid87 for similar streams and videos.

*twitch links updated*