Gamer Art: September 2020

Honestly, I don’t know if this will end up being a regular feature, but, if it is, you could expect a random selection of cool gaming-related artwork I’ve seen in the past month or so. Share/comment if you like.

Without any adieu whatsoever, here’s the art.

Wow cosmology chart

Color Cosmology Chart v2 (World of Warcraft). Art by ATJ2K19 on Reddit. Originally found HERE.

Super Saiyan Sword Master

Super Saiyan Swordmaster (Tap Titans 2 x DBZ). Art by Eqvvi on Reddit. Originally found HERE.

Light-Infused Frostmourne (World of Warcraft). Art by LightCurse. On the deviant art page I just linked, there is a variety of video game and other nerd art. I found the art featured on HERE.

What if Among Us Was Live Action (Among Us). Art by CCPowersDesign on Reddit. Originally found HERE.

I’m mostly doing this as a good excuse to explore a bunch of cool nerd art. On the other hand, if anyone likes it, I’ll make it a regular feature. Triple plus is that it’s some more exposure for gamer/artists. Definitely comment here if you want to see more.

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