WoW: Is Ashran The Worst Thing to Happen to PVP?

oc8yhNcI started out wanting to write a nice little opinion piece on the new PVP zone. Right after launch (well, after the launch DDOS/lag fest/6 hour queues fiasco) and leveling to 100, the zone clearly had some issues – but what new feature doesn’t? So, I waited. Like the first 2 hours of the queue I am currently in to get into the zone I waited patiently for issues to be hammered out, balanced to be restored, etc. But a month after the release of Warlords the zone is more and more abhorrent. It’s past the point where I can feel the issues are bugs and more so that they’re working as intended. It’s not balanced, it’s “required” (I’ll get to that) and it’s just not fun. So, instead of writing a nice opinion piece about a feature I was once so excited about – there’s a rant incoming. (more…)

Guild Recruitment: Band of Thorns, US-Thrall Horde

Band of Thorns (BoT) is looking for a few skilled raiders to round out their 10 man teams. They’re looking for a couple more melee dps (enhancement shaman preferred), a couple healers (not paladin), and one or two ranged (mage, lock or a boomkin would be nice, but aren’t those mythical creatures?).

The majority of BoT has been raiding/playing together since Vanilla/BC. They went 9/12 heroic in ICC (before cataclysm) and are 5/12 in the first tier of Cataclysm content, as of this posting. Raid times are currently 9pm server Tuesday/Friday.

All raiders are expected to show up to raids on time, be properly gemmed/enchanted/flasks, and have fun. Raids, and guild chat in general, keep a pretty light and fun atmosphere even when they’re getting serious for a kill. So, although they’d love you to read Elitist Jerks (or similar) to know your class, please don’t be one.

Their website is available at, or contact Minmon or another officer in-game if interested.

Need to fill your roster? Feel free to email me at contact (at) alternateimage (dot) com with your information.