Changes to the Blog

Those who come here regularly (or perhaps followed a fixed link from elsewhere on the interwebs) will notice that this site is no longer called “15 Minutes of WoW”. Well, fine, as of this writing the actual link is still that, but not the name or the function of the blog. For both the reasons of my declining interest in World of Warcraft (in no small part due to the long, long time until new content will be released) but also because of my desire to play and blog about other games, I’ve decided to make the change to a gaming blog as opposed to specifically focusing on Wow. A quick review of recent posts would show that the less than adequate Elder Scrolls Online has been a big topic recently and some Wildstar should be showing up in the near future. There may be layout changes and even an actual address change coming, so keep your eyes peeled.

Welcome to the New 15 Minutes of WoW

Hello and welcome!

If you’re a returning reader coming over from the old site – thanks for following me here, stalking is normally weird but this time is appreciated! For those just joining, you won’t notice that I’m using a new layout, so I’m pointing it out.

In this transition between and private hosting, there may be some bugs, some bear with me (and feel free to let me know if anything is off). Outside of that, you should be expecting more little bursts of World of Warcraft insights, commentary, news, and etc. Feel free to share this link – – to any WoW related friends and sites that you think would need the updated link or just might enjoy reading. Thanks for coming!