Free Games

*Under Construction*

Will get full lists of individual games here eventually, as opposed to just bulk sources.

This page holds a list of games you can get completely for free. Check back every month as this page will be updated with new games as they become available.

Prime Gaming (Twitch): Just link your (or a family member, or friend who doesn’t use twitch) Amazon Prime to your twitch (which may be kind of automated now that it’s “prime gaming”) and get 5-10+ games free per month. Usually little indie titles, free is still cool.

Epic Games: All I had to do here is make an account. No credit card, no cost, didn’t even download anything yet. Check back periodically for new free games. Occasionally, they get some AAA titles too.

Free to Play Games on Steam – This isn’t special monthly or weekly deals, but are mostly games that are always F2P. Seemed a mention worth including, though.

Now some games that aren’t quit free, but are either noteworthy deals or are included with some other service.

PS+: If you have Playstation Plus, you probably already know about this, but, eventually, I’ll list the games here for people who aren’t yet in the know.

Xbox Live: Typically there’s 2 free Xbox One games and 2 free Xbox 360 games, one of each of those tends to be a big(ish) name and the other an indie game. Still, given it’s basically $5 per month if you’re getting yearly access, it’s a sweet way to build up your library.

Humbe Bundle: This one is the least free, for sure. However, they rotate a dozen games each month and depending on tier, you can pick either 3 or 9 of them to keep. They’ll give you steam links for each. The basic package is $15 per month and the big one is $20. While it is subscription, you can cancel whenever and, unless you’re just trying to horde all of the games, pick up the months with something you’re wanting and get a couple extra for “free”.