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I guess it’s time I talk a little about where this blog is going. This is both for you and for me – for you to know what I intend and for me to, perhaps, get some feedback on that direction.

This one shouldn’t be incredibly long, but I’ll talk a little about what this blog has been doing, what I’m going to do with it, and how you can influence that if you have such a mind.

Recent Posts: Most of the content so far has been relating to World of Warcraft (the beta/expansion in particular) and thoughts on a couple of upcoming games. While I imagine that the majority of the content here will be relating to WoW and other MMO’s, there will be a few single player games, shooters and even mobile game reviews pop up.

New Categories: There are a few specific types of content that I’ve been thinking about making.

  • Streamer reviews – These would likely just be streamers who “main” video games. To start it will most likely be people I already watch, such as Pikabooirl, Nvellen, Teepee and others, but then if the posts are well received and the interest is there, I’ll probably expand what I watch to give more reviews.
  • Is It Pay to Win? – Discussion if a game is pay to win or not and to what degree.
  • Toxicity Levels – Discussion of how toxic a game is or isn’t. Why I think so, and what areas it applies to. Such as: is the community toxic, does the game encourage toxic behaviors, etc.

Anything Else? Well, maybe Youtube. So this isn’t really a blog category, but I’m considering branching out into that youtube content in the next several months. I have the channel already (link up top) but I haven’t touched it in years and when I did… it was pretty amateur. There’ll likely be some sort of tie-in to the content here and I’m not sure what it will entail, but it will definitely be similar in theme – gaming.

If there’s anything you’d like to see here, feel free to drop a comment here or on any post with your feedback.

Also, of course, make sure to subscribe, comment, like, share, etc if this interests you.

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