Magic: Legends

It was probably a year or so ago when I first heard that Cryptic Studios was going to be working on an MMO based on Magic the Gathering. My mind was immediately inundated with World of Warcraft x MTG ideas. It seemed… like it could be something special. Cryptic Studios is the team behind Neverwinter, a Dungeons and Dragons based MMORPG and some others. I played that one a bit and thought it was pretty decent, so I was hopeful they could take their experience, add to it, and apply it to another game adaptation. Unfortunately, when actual information first appeared, it wasn’t the epic MMORPG that I had imagined, it was an ARPG. Now, action role playing games can be fun too, but my expectations (which was my own fault to have) were a bit dashed. Let’s talk a little about what has been announced so far. Also… I may have gotten invited into the beta, so, that’s partially inspiration for this post. Trailer, some links, how to sign up for the beta, and thoughts after the break.

For me, the standard of ARPG to measure against is Diablo. I’m sure other people have others, such as Path of Exile, but, D2 and D3 are where most of my experience there lies. As such, I look at a new ARPG with the thought “is this going to be more fun than just playing more D3?”

They call this an MMO ARPG. Implying, perhaps, some sort of persistent world with more people than just those playing solo or in small groups. The trailer, shown below, is basically just some cool slow motion action scenes.

The trailer shows off what appears to be their classes, slowly battling something. The classes listed so far are:

  • The Geomancer draws upon the power of the earth to pummel enemies in close quarters. Fearlessly enter the fray using stone and lava melee attacks, advancing into battle with goblins, kavu, and earth elementals at your side.
  • The Mind Mage personifies cool intellect utilizing psychic powers. Battle enemies from a safe distance – controlling projectiles with telekinesis, and locking down dangerous foes with spells that put them to sleep, or turn them against their allies.
  • The Beastcaller is the embodiment of primal might and savagery. Vanquish hordes of foes on the battlefield with crushing blows from your massive spirit axe, while coordinating your attacks with an Aether Fox companion – and other summoned beasts.

The thing that might be setting this game apart, is their combat system. It’s described as something where you “strategically build a deck of spells from your spell library, which will be drawn at random as you fight.” Spells that you earn and collect and build a deck with. Sort of taking Magic cards, building a deck, and then going to battle with it, using the spells and abilities instead of just throwing cards on a table. Could be pretty cool?

The monetization is… less cool sounding. It does appear to have some pay-to-win elements. You can buy packs, with money, to get the cards that make up and improve your deck. So, you can buy the spells you actually use in game. Of course, they mention that this will also be able to be earned by playing the game, but buying power in games leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Of course, overall, the information is still pretty limited. It’s in an alpha build only right now, and, though I’ve gotten an invitation to that alpha, I don’t think we’re really allowed to talk about that yet. So, for now, I won’t be discussing much of my specific experiences in the game. I need to review their terms and/or wait for updates to them. Check back here, though, because either soon or eventually I’ll be adding updates as to the state of this developing game.

You can go to to sign up for the beta test. I’m pretty sure I got in randomly, as this blog doesn’t carry the kind of clout that would give preference (nor is it connected to my sign up, anyway). The rest of the available info of that game is at that link as well.

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