WoW: Top 5 Ways to Improve the Garrison


Let’s face it – Garrisons are a huge part of World of Warcraft now. They’ve been made a focal point of Warlords of Draenor and, overall, seem to be a pretty big hit. My guild is constantly joking during raid about needing to go back to the garrison to check missions. Okay sort of joking. Well, fine I just hearthed during our break. It’s okay we have a warlock to summon me back. But, even with a feature that’s actually doing well (See: Not Ashran), there are always some areas we’d like improved. While personally I had hoped that this feature would be account or server wide so all of my alts could play in the same space others have asked for things such as more plots for more buildings. While, expansion is likely to happen eventually (6.2), there are probably some ways it could be improved now. Let’s discuss!

1. Followers assigned to mine and garden should harvest for you. This could also apply to a lumber mill follower – perhaps they’d collect a small amount of wood for you daily. Blizzard was big on the idea that these would end up feeling fairly autonomous for alts and has let us not need to check work orders for days on end if needed, but we still have to come back daily for the resources. Grant us some freedom from the alts!

2. When followers get assigned to a building, their perks need to be made more clear and in some cases more potent. Just adding more work orders and an ambiguous amount of extra “yield” from the work orders isn’t cutting it, not with how valuable it is to keep sending them on missions with the lucrative salvage yard.

3. Profession level 3 buildings need a better perk. 21 work orders up from 15? Woohoo, yes please take 900 resources and 1500 gold, thanks. That’s okay on characters I don’t plan on logging onto more than twice per week, but, wait, I have to anyway because of their mine and herb garden.

4. Salvage yard could be less random. Maybe keep the loot from this expansion? I don’t mind that there are random grays and vendor trash, but I don’t need the old gear too.

5. Give us a way to farm resources. Without dedicating two buildings (lumber mill and trading post) there’s not really a great way to farm resources. Killing rare bosses dries up after a while as they don’t drop loot a second time around so it can be hard to get the last few you need to get a building. Don’t make it a really efficient means of resource acquisition, but give us something.

Is there something else you’d rather see changed? Comment here or drop a line on twitter @AgainstTheFate.

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