New Wildstar Guest Pass Giveaway!


*Update: This contest has ended and a winner was announced on my twitter. But, keep checking back to this site for updates on my last key giveaway coming soon*

For lack of a more creatively attuned option, I’m giving away the second Wildstar Guest Pass in much of the same fashion as the first, with one simple twist. Comment here, leave your twitter handle (or sign in with twitter to post) AND give me an idea for a giveaway or contest for the my last key. The winner will still be chosen at random. See below for the full text of the “rules”.

The rules are pretty simple:

1. Comment on this post (once) with your twitter handle. If you don’t have twitter – make one. It’s pretty fast.

2. In the comment here, give me an idea for a contest/giveaway for the my last key. I’d say points for creativity, but the winner will be random. Kudos for creativity, I suppose.

3. Follow my twitter account – AgainstTheFate.

4. This contest will run until 11Pm (PST) Saturday the 14th.

The winner will be chosen at random and messaged on twitter with the code. Remember, only someone who comments here with a contest idea and is following on twitter will be put in the /roll…

Disclaimer: These codes are emailed by Wildstar to me. There are no warranties, guarantees, cash value, promises, of any nature or implied or stated. Imagine a bunch of other official legal sounding stuff and apply that to this as well.

10 thoughts on “New Wildstar Guest Pass Giveaway!

  1. For the last giveaway, wouldn’t it be cool with some fan art? Only Wildstar related ofcourse. And on top of the code, the one you choose will get his/hers artwork featured on your twitter (or something like that ^^ )
    Just one of many ideas.

  2. @Hookahmon

    For your last giveaway you could try and do a stream or video. And throw the code in there subliminally. And whoever catches it..catches it.

    The interesting thing about doing it as a stream is that if you’re putting it in subliminally…everyone might miss it..or one person will catch it..they all know they have to watch every second just to catch it.

    It might not be an might be in the sentence or something you make…etc.

  3. Maybe have a short paragraph comment of why and what are they going to do with a 7 day code for Wildstar, once they receive it. Give it to a friend, extend their own game, or collect them and never use them, horde them in the closet. 😛

  4. Oh yea a good contest would be to give the key to the people who don’t fully read the rules …. Plus I don’t have any good ideas other than just wanting to play

  5. @xaponix
    A cool idea if they like the lore, to write out their character and a mini (five sentence) bio for that character. Like quirky personality traits – bonus points if they make you laugh,

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