Wildstar Guest 7 Day Guest Pass Giveaway!


***Update – This giveaway has ended. Although we were a few short of the goal, I wanted folks to have a chance at the game. Check back at this site gaming.alternateimage.net or my twitter @AgainstTheFate for a chance at my 2 remaining keys. See the comments of this post and my twitter for the winner***

Along with some other cool pre-order bonuses, I have in my possession (or inbox, as it were) 3x 7 day guest passes for Wildstar Online. The person using one of these gets 7 days of free play to check out Wildstar. It’s worth it. I mean, it’s free, for starters. And the game is pretty fun. So want one? Follow after the break for the rules.

The rules are pretty simple:

1. Comment on this post (once) with your twitter handle. If you don’t have twitter – make one. It’s pretty fast.

2. Follow my twitter account – AgainstTheFate.

3. This contest must get at least 20 entries! (so share with your friends)

That’s it. Midnight on Tuesday 10th I’ll choose one (1) winner at random from the comments on this post and will check twitter to make sure that the name given on the comments is following. I’ll post a comment here AND in twitter with who won and will send a private message on twitter with the code. What about the other 2 you ask? Well, I’m going to think of some other giveaways for those so you should definitely follow this blog and my twitter.


If there are not 20 entries by 12:00AM on 6-10-14, I’ll extend the giveaway by 24 hours until we reach the goal. These codes are emailed by Wildstar to me. There are no warranties, guarantees, cash value, promises, of any nature or implied or stated. Imagine a bunch of other official legal sounding stuff and apply that to this as well.

23 thoughts on “Wildstar Guest 7 Day Guest Pass Giveaway!

  1. Funny story, my friends were looking for a game to play recently, I mentioned Wildstar. They sort of dismissed it, one reason being it wasn’t out yet. Funnily enough, it is out now and very little time has passed. If I could get a pass, I could make my decision of Wildstar vs Guild Wars 2.

  2. Edited: I forgot my twitter and i cant eddit it, so u can delete last msg.

    Ey man ty for do this. I want buy this game but my pc is not the best for play it. I want to try how optimized it is with a guest pass. Gl everybody. (sorry for my english, not the best :P)

    1. Thanks for posting, but this giveaway has actually finished already (see the top paragraph). I’ll be putting up another late today (on twitter and in a new post).

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