ESO Resources: Full Skill Breakdowns

Sometimes you want to know how a skill is going to turn out before you pick it. Mostly, I mean the morph. Recently a friend of mine had tried out the Bow skill “Snipe”, which hits for high damage at long range but has a cast time of 3 seconds. He was entirely underwhelmed with how much other shots he lost in order to cast that attack. Now, I was still considering it – particularly for shooting players on top of keeps in PVP. However, there’s no way to know, in game, if that morph is going to make it any better. I was really hoping for a reduction of cast time or some such. So I browsed online for skill lists and mostly just found sites that had the main list that one can see in game as soon as they created the character. Finally, though, I found one that has a full list with a very clean approach as well. Continue after the break to see the link and a short review of the rest of that website. isn’t a dedicated ESO website. It also has a Skyrim section and a “gaming” section (which, while seems to be mostly Elder Scrolls related, the different name implies that other content may be there. The lack of a dedicated focus means that it is not one of the best ESO resources over all, but it does have something better than most. Detailed skill lists for each race, class, profession, etc that includes all of the morphs. It’s extremely helpful for choosing talents if you don’t have an abundance of points to spend. Here’s the link: . Check it out and let me know if you find any that are better at providing this resource.

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