My Transmog: Hunter Edition

It seems like hunters, and mail users in general, have a great selection of amazing tier sets and re-colors to choose from. Here are a few of mine. While I’m not using it. I collected the season 4 PVP set (pictured above). It’s just dark and awesome and goes well with, well I describe the bow later on.

So my current PVE set for my hunter is the Gronnstalker’s Armor set from Tier 6 with the exception of the helm. To be a little different, I’m using tier 15 raid finder helm. The bow is one of my favorite in-game weapons, the Golden Bow of Quel’Thalas which drops in Sunwell.

Surprisingly, my PVP transmog set is actually the current (Season 15) PVP set. This bow, however, is pretty much impossible to get to drop. Well, obviously not impossible because I have it, but it took months of farming Illidan to get it. The Black Bow of the Betrayer.

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