Elder Scrolls Online Pre-order


Okay. I know this is a WoW blog, but I’m really exciting about Elder Scrolls Online and today they opened up the pre-order for that game and showed us what we get for it. The pre-order bonuses are awesome. On top of that, while it may have already been out, this is the first I’ve seen the collector’s edition.


  • Start playing 5 days early! That’s a huge leg-up on leveling and getting familiar with the game over people who don’t pre-order. Also… I get to play 5 days sooner than was expected so it won’t conflict with the release of the new Captain America movie also on 4-4-14.
  • Play any race on any alliance (faction). This is so big! My friends and I were in a conundrum over what alliance to be in because we weren’t sure we’d want races that were in the same alliance – not a problem anymore. This would be like, if for pre-ordering a WoW expansion you got to play a Horde race on the Alliance or visa versa. Such freedom.
  • Scutter Vanity Pet and bonus treasure maps. Just, ya know, something extra that lasts a bit longer.

Collector’s (Imperial) Edition

This has some pretty standard things. It comes with a stature (pictured above), an in game mount, pet and items. However, this also adds Imperials as an in-game race. I’m not entirely sure what I think about a race being limited to a more expensive version. I guess, as long as they aren’t more powerful than the others, then it’s more of a cosmetic bonus. Hopefully it’s balanced well.

So far I’ve been really impressed in what I’ve seen in the closed betas (of which I’m legally obligated not to talk about), so I’m really excited about the games release and the new info we’ve just gotten.

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