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This weeks shared topic from Blog Azeroth is on our favorite (and least favorite) mounts. The original topic post, brought to you by Azerothian Life, can be found here.

For my favorites, I decided on a pair of ground mounts and a trio of fliers. Given the diversity of flying limited areas, grounders definitely have their place. First: The Rusted Proto Drake. Now, I’m a fan of proto drakes in general, but this one has a special place for me. I was 2 achievements away (the Ulduar meta achievement) from getting this drake back in 2009. I wasn’t able to get a group to finish, though I admittedly gave up for a while), until 2013. I sat so close for 4 years. Finally getting it makes it pretty special to me.


The next mount is not on this list for any special, meaningful reason. It’s just freakin’ cool. The Sky Golem is made with engineering (or buy it from one for a pretty penny). It kind of morphs into a submarine or jet depending on if its in water or flying. Plus, you can herb without dismounting. Suck it, druids!WoWScrnShot_011214_205020 The Corrupted Fire Hawk is a pretty cool mount, but for me, it was the first full achievement run that my guild managed to get while the content was still meaningful. You can get this mount by doing Firelands meta achievement.WoWScrnShot_011214_205341

It’s hard to say that any mounts are more useful than the Azure Water Strider. What makes it so very special is that it allows for walking on water (outside of PVP zones). This is, for me, absolutely essential for any zone where flying is disabled, particularly if hurrying is needed, such as the Timeless Isle. You can get this mount fairly quickly through Anglers rep, but it still costs a little gold even after reaching exalted.WoWScrnShot_011214_204935

An oldy but a goody, the Travelers Tundra Mammoth. The ability to repair and vendor goods while running around Azeroth leveling and questing is without equal. It’s one of the greatest quality of life, convenience, additions to my WoW arsenal – ever. As such, it’s well worth the 20k gold (as low as 16k with Kirin Tor rep). The vendors also sell a few useful items as well. On top of that, you can ditch the vendors and give your friends a ride around. How can you beat it?

The Bad

As for mounts I dislike, well, that’s hard to say. I don’t really ride any of the racial mounts, except maybe the Chocobos, because they just don’t have the cool factor. The lesser drake mounts also aren’t nearly as awesome as proto-drakes, but I can’t say I actively dislike those either. The Abyssal Seahorse is pretty frustrating because you can only use it in Vashj’ir and I pretty much refuse to ever go to that zone. I guess you could say I don’t like the mounts I can’t seem to get, but that’s really just sour grapes at that point. Anyway, come back next week for more Shared Topics or check out last weeks topic HERE.

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