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People who know me well might be surprised by this, but sometimes I just run out of things to say. I want to get back into filling this blog with ideas and events, but what?  We’re late into an expansion with the new one not even yet seen on the horizon. There’s just nothing new to report on. I even tried to venture to Blog Azeroth in hopes of partaking in their “Shared Topic” posts and found none currently up. I’m not sure if I caught it in an off time, the holidays and what not, or if their not doing that anymore. If anyone knows and reads this post, please let me know – it was a very cool site and idea center.

Recently I’ve been doing some live streaming and video making and that’s been pretty fun, but I wouldn’t say I know enough about that yet to make posts. My guilds raiding progress has also been pretty hammered by the holidays and as such, we’ve been stuck with a single Garrosh kill and no heroic attempts until today (it was brutal). I have, however, just started rated battlegrounds on my hunter and officially moved it into a PVP guild. It’s been a blast. He’s 1570 rated and has reached the “First Sergeant” title. I’m really hoping to get him legionnaire, but that’s a bit further along.

Let’s talk on a bigger scope about blogging or starting in videos/streaming for a game that is 8+ years old. What kind of content would it make sense to make? Now, my blog isn’t exactly new, but given my sporadic posting history, it’s not exactly and established name. So, while I’m not exactly starting out in blogging (which I am in the video realm), it’s functionally similar. Which brings me to the point: What content does the community still need? We have raid guides, stat guides, gearing guides. We have news sources like Wowhead and Wow Insider and all of the guides and content they produce. We have long time PVP legends such as Swifty that have professional quality productions and corporate sponsors along with years of history. I’m not asking this rhetorically. Really. What does the Warcraft community still need?

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