Transfer Gold Cross Realm

Ever want to start a character on a new server but don’t want to do it without the power of your gold? Transfer to a different server but hampered by pesky limits on gold transfer limits? Something recently occurred to me, it may have been obvious to others, but I’d yet to hear about it. The new pet system in 5.2 is a perfect way to send gold between characters on different servers. Continue to see how and why this works.

Essentially, the key here is how battle-pets are now shared across all characters on an account. Any pet that you can cage (right-click on the pet in your pet menu and see if “put in cage” is an option) can participate in this. The limits here seem to be battle pets, certain achievement pets, and store-bought pets.


  1. Find a pet (either one you have or one on the AH) that sells well on the new server.
  2. If you’re buying the pet, learn it to your pet spell book.
  3. On your new servers character, put that pet in a cage.
  4. Auction house for fun and profit.
  5. Now your characters on the new server have gold for bags, flight training, etc.

The added benefit here, depending on pet economies between servers, this could be a way to generate gold revenue. Find a pet that sells well on server A and is cheap on server B then find another that is cheap on server A but sells high on B. Buy cheap, sell high. Rinse and repeat. Good luck!

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