Cover picFor those who aren’t in the loop, there are a number of WoW players (and other games, for that matter) who stream their play online. Similar to making an epic PVP video or content guide, except it’s live, unscripted and could end up awesome or making you look like a total noob. I’ve decided that I may as well join the fray and see if any people are bored enough to check out my streams and posted videos on TwitchTV.

You can find my live stream at if I’m on and past streams at So far I’m still working on getting everything together, so if the audio or video quality isn’t quite up to par yet – don’t give up hope, you may still get to see my badness (or awesomeness) soon enough. I’ll be streaming WoW PVP, maybe raids and random shenanigans. Also, Battlefield 4, League of Legends, and probably some other things.

Oh and speaking of streams, a good friend of mine also has a new channel. Check out for for similar streams and videos.

*twitch links updated*

Patch 5.3: Crazy Changes for PVP

Blizzard has really been doing an awesome job this expansion bringing us consistent, frequent, and meaningful patches. Upcoming patch 5.3 appears to be no exception so far. While, there are a lot of strange data mining discoveries so far (such as a spell for a third talent specialization) the biggest changes I’m seeing are to PVP. First off… hunters – gone! Second, resilience is being removed from gear. Finally, PVP will now feature gear scaling similar to challenge modes. Okay, so only two of those things is true. Follow after the break to see which and also the rest of the patch notes relating to PVP.


The Valor Dance: Dailies, Reputation, Upgrades, Trouble

Mists of Pandaria has brought us a bit of a roller coaster when it comes to our valor points and how we acquire and speed them. In Cataclysm, there were very few changes (just the move from 1 dungeon per day awarding valor to 7 per week) and we essentially just did a few heroic dungeons, killed a few raid bosses, and spent our points when we had enough. In MoP, however, the valor gear was gated behind reputation which was gated behind dailies. Valor being unspendable before doing enough dailies has been much lamented by the player base. Of course, since launch, each patch has brought a new curve ball in terms of valor. Continue to see the different valor changes so far, the problems with those changes, and what’s coming up in patch 5.3!


Warcraft Around the World

Blog MapI was looking at my site statistics recently and noticed a massive variety of views from different countries. Now, I have no illusions that this blog is something super popular – it isn’t, but if you look at that map above, it shows all of the countries with views on this blog. Not only is it personally interesting to me, but also shows how wide spread Warcraft really is. The world is a really small place. Continue along to see the full list of countries that have viewed this, you might be surprised to see how far Warcraft and interest in the game have spread. (more…)