Daily Thoughts: Busy

Unfortunately today I did not have time to finish the rep guide I mentioned in yesterdays Daily Thoughts, nor did I really get much time on WoW either. Real life, trumping gaming, well… trumped gaming for the day. I did have a chance to do my deepholm and twilight highlands dailies though, which is productive. I’m also doing a little AH playing while I write this up. Gotta keep the gold flowing. Farming ore and/or selling the prospected gems are making a killing now for those not too worried about leveling their professions. Selling greens was doing pretty well the first few days of cata but has now settled down into more reasonable amounts. I probably sold 2 dozen + random cata greens for 200 gold each in the first 3 days. Since that, I’m still averaging 1k gold per day profit on the AH just from the ore I am able to mine while doing daily quests and in between dungeon queues. It’s a good day to sell.

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