Weekend Update: No Dailies in Hyjal

* EDIT – I’ve made a comprehensive faction guide – check it out HERE. *

Naturally the one new cataclysm reputation I really want to grind for the Belt of the Ferocious Wolf, has no dailies. So, for all those who’ve been searching for the location of the Guardians of Hyjal dailies, they don’t exist. The only way to get your rep there after you finish the quests in the zone is to do dungeons with their tabard that you can pick up at friendly. You should be revered by the time you finish the zone, so it isn’t too far to go. Next I’ll probably be after Ramkahen rep for a few things.

Wowhead of course has a nice list of the factions stuff here.

Tomorrow or the next day I should have my impressions of Uldum up here, so check back!

4 thoughts on “Weekend Update: No Dailies in Hyjal

  1. That’s good to know!
    Lots of people have ben banging their heads over this particular answer— looks like you figured it out pretty quickly too!

    Good advice on the whole Tabard strategy though.
    Hopefully (eventually) Blizzard will add a few dailies – but until then, your faction guide is quite useful!

    1. Actually blizzard has said they’ll add some daily quests there in an upcoming patch. I don’t think it’s confirmed which one. Probably not 4.0.6 which should be soon, so I’d put my money on 4.1, which will be the next content patch. We don’t know when that is though.

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