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Blizzcon 2015: Warcraft Movie and Legion Expansion Trailers

See the Warcraft Movie official trailer below. It’s pretty epic. Or should I say… legendary?   Continue after the break for the trailer for the new Warcraft expansion, Legion. Which, in my opinion is even more epic than the trailer … Continue reading

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Got Wrecking Ball!

Here’s a video of me getting the Wrecking Ball achievement on my 90 hunter. I cut out some of the slow parts from the battle ground and mixed it with some (hopefully legally used) music. I’ve gotten this once or … Continue reading

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From the Web: “Woes of Warcraft”

This song by Rogahar is actually pretty hilarious and is not getting near the attention it deserves. He’s taken the music from “Hallelujah” as it was sung by Rufus Wainwright and made it about all the troubles that plague us … Continue reading

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Red Shirt Guy, Meet Auto-Tune

If you play WoW or read about video games in general or even saw this MSNBC news article, then you probably have heard about the Red Shirt Guy who “out nerds every nerd ever“. If you haven’t yet caught on … Continue reading

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