Why PVP Season 15 Makes Me Sad


There’s a few things about the recently announced and soon to start PVP season 15 that came with patch 5.4.7 that have got me a little bit down. The biggest thing, easily, is that it means we’re a long, long, ways away from the expansion. There’s an achievement for reaching 27,000 conquest during season 15, at normal arena cap, that’s 15 weeks or nearly 4 months starting next week. Prior to that announcement, my friends and guildies were hoping that Warlords would launch around the same time as Elder Scrolls Online. We expected Blizzard to plan that to crush the upcoming game (as they tend to do, not that I wanted it), but apparently not. So, I mean, the disappointment is my own fault, not like it was announced, but it doesn’t make it any less.

The next part and I’m not the type to make this accusation often, but having a new PVP season and NOT new gear (no I don’t count a recolor as new gear) is lazy. Or, at the very least, an indicator of being unprepared. Like this was a last minute, “Oh, we’ll say we’re giving more content/replayability by adding a PVP ‘season'” but then they didn’t have time to put any work into it. My own lack of action leads to the final problem for me. I’m 22/40 wins in season 14 to get the achievement mount, but slacked off with rated battlegrounds a bit in the past few weeks. Without a new season, I’d have definitely eventually got it, now… maybe not. I feel that we really need some new content and soon. WoD is too far away!

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