Preparing for Wildstar Online


So you want to play Wildstar? Me too. Since I’ve gotten some beta time and some other steps out-of-the-way, I wanted to share a few steps in what any new Wildstar player should do. I’ll cover race, faction, class, addons, and servers. If you’re not fully prepared – read this post!

Step 1: Pre-order the game. If you’re going to get it anyway, you may as well buy it sooner to get some cool perks.

  • Exclusive Rocket House
  • Exclusive Housing Trophy
  • Exclusive In-Game Title: “Chosen of the Progenitors”
  • Access to Beta Weekends (there’s also some weekday betas going on that you can still partake in as of the time of this writing)
  • 3 Day Head Start
  • In-game Storage Bag

Step 2: (more…)

Addons: The Basics

I know some people like to play the game as it comes. As for me, I like to apply a little customization. Given my long history as a World of Warcraft player, there are definitely areas of ESO’s interface that are missing (mostly because of the addons I’m used to using in WoW). But, this game is brand new. It’s been out for 2 days or -3 days depending on how you look at it. Curse (my go to program for downloading and installing WoW addons) doesn’t have a set up for ESO yet. So how do we find these addons and install them? Follow after the break for a great site to find addons, installation instructions, and a couple ones that you might want to pick up now. (more…)