Addons: The Basics

I know some people like to play the game as it comes. As for me, I like to apply a little customization. Given my long history as a World of Warcraft player, there are definitely areas of ESO’s interface that are missing (mostly because of the addons I’m used to using in WoW). But, this game is brand new. It’s been out for 2 days or -3 days depending on how you look at it. Curse (my go to program for downloading and installing WoW addons) doesn’t have a set up for ESO yet. So how do we find these addons and install them? Follow after the break for a great site to find addons, installation instructions, and a couple ones that you might want to pick up now.

Where and How

The first place I looked was which is normally a good source for this sort of thing. But, the interface on the website (since the downloadable software doesn’t yet have ESO) is clunky and the first addon I tried didn’t work. After that I found So far it looks good and has the best selection available. Admittedly, since the game is still so young, other sites may become bigger players, but this one is promising. Installing the addons is incredibly simple. Make sure the game is closed. Then extract the addon in the Elder Scrolls Online folder in your Documents file for PC: C:\Users\< username >\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns\< AddOn A FolderName >\<files >. For Mac ~/Documents/Elder Scrolls Online/live/AddOns/< AddOn A FolderName >/< files >. That’s it. They’ll show up in your addons tab in game (see the header photo).

Some Addons to Get

  • Combat Log Statistics. For those familiar with Recount from Wow, this gives a similar DPS/HPS feature along with a full (and separate) combat log showing individual attacks, heals, and experience gains.
  • Foundry Tactical Combat. This provides a few amazing features. First, it simplifies the stam, health, and magika bar into one small package and adds the experience bar below. In addition for both player and target, it shows an estimated buff/debuff direction. Finally, there is a scrolling combat text element. It’s a little aggressive but with the rest of the features it’s worth it. See gallery below for screen shots of CLS and FTC.
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