Blizzcon 2015: Warcraft Movie and Legion Expansion Trailers

See the Warcraft Movie official trailer below. It’s pretty epic. Or should I say… legendary?

YouTube Preview Image


Continue after the break for the trailer for the new Warcraft expansion, Legion. Which, in my opinion is even more epic than the trailer for the movie. I would be very much okay if they just made full length CGI movies. Probably easier to do a bunch of crazy magic and monsters than mixing CGI and live action.

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WoW: Top 5 Ways to Improve the Garrison


Let’s face it – Garrisons are a huge part of World of Warcraft now. They’ve been made a focal point of Warlords of Draenor and, overall, seem to be a pretty big hit. My guild is constantly joking during raid about needing to go back to the garrison to check missions. Okay sort of joking. Well, fine I just hearthed during our break. It’s okay we have a warlock to summon me back. But, even with a feature that’s actually doing well (See: Not Ashran), there are always some areas we’d like improved. While personally I had hoped that this feature would be account or server wide so all of my alts could play in the same space others have asked for things such as more plots for more buildings. While, expansion is likely to happen eventually (6.2), there are probably some ways it could be improved now. Let’s discuss! Continue reading

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WoW: Is Ashran The Worst Thing to Happen to PVP?

oc8yhNcI started out wanting to write a nice little opinion piece on the new PVP zone. Right after launch (well, after the launch DDOS/lag fest/6 hour queues fiasco) and leveling to 100, the zone clearly had some issues – but what new feature doesn’t? So, I waited. Like the first 2 hours of the queue I am currently in to get into the zone I waited patiently for issues to be hammered out, balanced to be restored, etc. But a month after the release of Warlords the zone is more and more abhorrent. It’s past the point where I can feel the issues are bugs and more so that they’re working as intended. It’s not balanced, it’s “required” (I’ll get to that) and it’s just not fun. So, instead of writing a nice opinion piece about a feature I was once so excited about – there’s a rant incoming. Continue reading

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Warlords PreLaunch: Looking at the Dark Portal

The true Horde waits to enter the dark portal and destroy the Iron Horde.

WoWScrnShot_111214_221857 WoWScrnShot_111214_221823 WoWScrnShot_111214_221817 WoWScrnShot_111214_221743

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Important Warlords Dates & Times (Inc. Launch)


Curious as to when WOD is launching in your area or what the PVP/raiding release schedules will be? Follow after the break for all you need to know about Warlords release schedules. Continue reading

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24 Hour Live Streams

twitch-320x200- Two of my very good friends, Sixin and Codix, will be doing 24 hour live streams this Friday the 29th of June starting at 10PM PST. You can watch them at the following links (or continue after the break to watch them both right here):

While World of Warcraft is likely to be the primary focus of their streams, I expect that you might see Diablo 3, Smite, Wildstar, League of Legends and a variety of others to cover the time span. Continue reading

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From The Web: Psynaps’ Amazing Intros & Videos

YouTube Preview Image

See above custom intro video made for player Chinglish. It’s so epic.  Continue reading

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Wildstar Leveling Guide: An Infographic

Wildstar Leveling Guild part 1

In case anyone needed this – it has the zones that each faction should be questing in by level and also which dungeons and adventures can be discovered in those zones. Really helpful!
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A Friendly, Beta-Invite PSA

I’ve been waiting patiently (I mean anxiously, angrily, cynically) for a beta invite into Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm, their new MOBA game, for quite some time. My several of my guild-mates have gotten invitations to that along with the recent World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor beta. But little ole me has been left to my own devices and release level games only. Then suddenly, my roommate announces his WoD beta invite! “Blast”, I think to myself, then congratulate him (I mean called him things that I shouldn’t repeat on here). But wait!

It was a phony!

And I saved him from clicking on the links in his email and doing who knows what to his computer and account. After reminding him to check his and Blizzard launcher directly… there was no WoD beta account ready.

So, a friendly reminder to all. If you think you have a beta invite for any of Blizzards games (or really any other emails of any sort) go to the source directly and don’t click on things in your email.

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Wildstar PVP: Practice Grounds Thoughts

YouTube Preview Image

So, I started to introduce this post by describing that I have, overall, mixed feelings about Wildstar PVP, then I realized it was two days later and I’ve spent all my time in battlegrounds. It gives a new perspective. Their system is, like pretty much every other system, flawed and I know I can be overly critical. But I have to accept that history speaks for itself and when I’m too busy PVPing to write about it, they must have done something right. Or I’m being mind controlled – in which case I still have to give props. Keep in mind, this isn’t from a max level perspective (yet), however I’ve done a good portion of my leveling from 10-30 in practice grounds.  Though, even with my newfound appreciation for this aspect of the game, there are good and bad sides. Continue along for my thoughts on Wildstar PVP and a few tips! Continue reading

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